Purification and bivalve molluscs shipping centre (MBV)

Brutti di Mare is the only restaurant with a Purification Centre for live bivalve molluscs: varieties of oysters, mussels, cockles, clams and much more. Our Purification Centre can process over than 2,000 kg of seafood daily and represent the state of the art of Italian technology: our tanks knock down the bacterial contamination while maintaining the shellfish alive and active, making it safe for you to enjoy it in all its freshness and taste.

From the producer to the customer, we guarantee full control over the supply chain. Shellfish is shipped directly from the producers to the Centre, where we register and store it. Then we place it in our purification bins, which recreate conditions similar to marine habitat. The product that passes our rigorous checks is then extracted, prepared, packaged and stored until sold or served to you.