To be and not appear...

It is the mood of the restaurant "Brutti di Mare" as we know, mussels, oysters and 
cockles certainly do not represent aesthetic perfection. What is exalted by us is 
the essence of seafood, the unique flavor and preciousness they contain. in their 
shell, in a slightly retro atmosphere, where the importance for the material and 
the scenery of the sea prevails, the wood of the boats, the metal, soft and warm 
lights and where stories are told as if the " brutti ”fruits of the sea. We are 
the result of the desire for adventure of the 2 partners" Brutti di Mare ", 
Mirko and Valentino, old friends and professionals in the world of catering 
(Wip Italia) and in the organization of events. from terre marinare we Brutti 
wanted to bring the taste of the sea to Milan, opened from September 2016 in the 
dynamic area of ​​the Darsena, with a new concept of tasting fish. below which 
guarantees freshness, qual quality and safety to the precious molluscs and the 
presence of the fishmonger for retail sale. A unique innovation in Lombardy, 
which leads us to be excellence in the treatment and administration of seafood.
The Compagnia dei Brutti di Mare is the restaurant-fish market always open, 
from 12.00 to 24.00, because at any time it is possible to taste cruditè. 
During the week we offer lunches with menus of the day or à la carte. 
If requested we provide tasting menus with the proposals of our Chef musician 
Dario Lanciano. The evening menu enhances Italian cuisine and particular 
combinations, with refined and delicate aromas, spices and liqueurs, able to 
enhance the taste of the proposed material.

“Let yourself and go to us...

to an apparent ugliness that conceals the essence of a fruit, to a dark and shapeless 
shell that without any makeup will be able to give justice to the taste, giving balance 
between soul and meaning. Everyone avoided us, only the sea welcomed us. Over time he 
took care of us, modeling us in appearance and essence, revealing his treasures and 
allowing us to discover the evolution of the blue mantle, amidst storms and heroic 
deeds, in times of wars or overwhelming love affairs. The rocks, smoothed over the 
centuries by the movement of armies, have always been connoisseurs of the secrets 
of the sea and support for creatures in difficulty; they also offered abode to us, 
we ugly ones, in their welcoming arms since they too were deformed and orphans 
before us. those who savor our being by leaning on our shell and letting themselves
 be inebriated by that scent given by the sea and that habitat and that brings 
back to infinity, to free thoughts and to the discovery of the most intimate 
breath of the soul. that nourishes us, the one created by man or discarded by 
nature, for us everything becomes an opportunity, we have become the senses of 
the positive that always finds a way among the elements, capable of making even 
a rare pearl grow. Sublime rock, loving sea, you have taken care of us, given and 
abandoned in good times and bad, prey and never predators. In those dark nights 
we learned the courage of the unknown, the knowledge of our limits and the 
understanding of our true being; while the light of the sun helped us never 
to hide, to follow our destiny and be salt for those seeking pleasure. Let's 
face it, we liked to be called the “Company of the Ugly”, the ugly ones of the 
sea! Smiling, we thought that we had been through too much to believe in a world 
of appearance.

How far in my sandals

You seem to be very impressed with the whole history of spinning wheels. 
You organize races, yell, some of you even lose something more than just 
your reputation. It seemed necessary to participate in this adrenaline circus 
to understand you better, to be for once something that cannot be caught, 
scratched, torn, opened, eaten. Something humble, at the service of other muscles.
 I was right, I learned a lot between one bend and the next.Things you would risk 
finding trivial if I stopped just for a moment to tell you about them, because 
by now you are struggling to distinguish the emerald green of the climbs from 
the serious one of the descents. explain to you, I already have to whiz away. 
On the next lap, maybe.

A rose is not a rose

Deciding to forget how it sinks. Forget the color of the sand, its lewd texture. 
Forget how to indulge in the deep currents, those charged with the thick scents 
of algae. It was not difficult to get to the point of no return, the one beyond 
which the echo of the sirens dissolved as I left behind everything I now knew 
too well. I waited for one of the endless replicas of the squat hulls that cast 
their shadow on the seabed, I took advantage of its trajectory to get elsewhere.
I was not afraid, I told myself that we have already challenged the times of 
evolution, we have already been something else: musical instruments, containers, 
gifts. Weapons, for some distant tribe. I have decided that my new life will be 
in pink, to have a place of honor in the brilliant salons where Champagne is 
uncorked every evening. And whoever approaches my corolla will hear the roar 
of the stormy sea


You wanted me to change, to stop laughing out loud. You said it was too easy 
to accept this fate of water and salt without ever rebelling. You said 
“Make a mess! Take what you deserve! ”As you clung even more firmly to the same 
rock that saw you being born. So I did it, I started climbing. I know you did 
not expect this, because I saw you for the first time welcoming the tide with 
resignation. After a kilometer climb, I arrived at the exact point where oxygen 
disappears. And from up here, for the first time, I saw you for what you are.

The gaze of a fish is a gaze of water. He doesn't look at us, we don't feel him settle on us. It is water and glass. 
Maybe that's why we feel it so distant from us and we kill it without remorse. Yet a fish has a soul, 
and he too once fell in love in the moonlight and dreamed deep within the sea. 
Fabrizio Caramagna

The look of a fish...

... it is a glimpse of water. He doesn't look at us, we don't feel him settle on us. 
It is water and glass. Maybe that's why we feel it so distant from us and we kill 
it without remorse. Yet a fish has a soul, and he too once fell in love in the 
moonlight and dreamed deep within the sea. 
(Fabrizio Caramagna)